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Taittiriya Upanisad Bhashyam    » Krishna Yajurveda

  • Place: AVG Anaikatti – 4th Course
  • Date: 20 Jan – 15 Nov 2012
  • Category: Upanisad
  • Class Nos.: 136
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“The truth of a thing is changelessness because it does not depend on another. Change is not the truth as it depends on another. If you want to understand the tattvam or svarupa of a thing without mixing up with anything, you look for the nature of the object minus all other incidental associations or combinations. You have to apply this definition – para -anapeksatvam vastunah tattvam- what does not depend on another thing is the tattvam of a thing. What is natural to the object, that is the svarupa of the object. The tattvam of a clay product is clay because it does not depend upon potness, plateness, lidness, etc. They do not depend upon anything to be clay. From this definition, we are led to Brahman, atma. It is a brilliant analysis.”

Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Please note –
Swami Dayananda taught this TAITTIRIYA Upanisad with Shankara Bhasyam to the students of the 4th long-term course at AVG Anaikatti (2010-2013).
An appropriate knowledge of Sanskrit is indispensable to follow this series of talks.