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Nantah Prajnam (Mandukya Up. Mantra 7)    
» Atharva Veda

  • Place: AVG Anaikatti – 1st Course
  • Date: 17 Nov 1992 – 24 Nov 1993
  • Category: Upanisad
  • Class Nos.: 7
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The focus (tatparyam) of Mandukya Upanisad is only on the fourth quarter (Turiya). In this 7th mantra, Turiya is revealed as the non-dual substratum by mere negation (apavada) of the first three quarters, Visva (waker), Taijasa (dreamer) and Prajna (sleeper, causal state).

Please note –
A certain preparedness is required for self-knowledge. Before listening to the teachings of the upanisads, we suggest you begin with listening to an ‘Introduction to Vedanta’ and ‘Tattvabodha’ audio series – both of which will give the novice listener a greater insight into the Vision of Vedanta and the importance of following the traditional methodology of teaching.