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Mundaka Upanisad    » Atharva Veda

  • Place: AVG Anaikatti – 2nd Course
  • Date: 9 May – 28 Jun 1995
  • Category: Upanisad
  • Class Nos.: 36
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Saunaka approaches Sage Angiras and asks the following question: Oh Lord – what is that, if there is any such thing, knowing which everything becomes as well known?

Angiras answers this question and much more, imparting the knowledge of the Brahman to Saunaka.

Please note –
A certain preparedness is required for self-knowledge. Before listening to the teachings of the upanishads, we suggest you begin with listening to an ‘Introduction to Vedanta’ and ‘Tattvabodha’ audio series – both of which will give the novice listener a greater insight into the Vision of Vedanta and the importance of following the traditional methodology of teaching.