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Katha Upanisad Bhashyam    » Krishna Yajurveda

  • Place: AVG Anaikatti – 4th Course
  • Date: 16 Apr – 31 Oct 2011
  • Category: Upanisad
  • Class Nos.: 151
  • Format: MP3 Audio
  • Price: ₹1200
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“In the form of a dialogue between Naciketas and Lord Yama (Lord of Death), the KATHA Upanisad covers all the important topics in Vedanta, like preparedness of mind, the need for proper teaching, the cause-effect relationship and the final equation of essential identity of the individual and the Lord, Ishvara, which leaves nothing to be desired.”

Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Please note –
Swami Dayananda taught this KATHA Upanisad with Shankara Bhasyam to the students of the 4th long-term course at AVG Anaikatti (2010-2013).
An appropriate knowledge of Sanskrit is indispensable to follow this series of talks.